the eternal, internal screaming of my mind we all have things we need to get off our chest.

sometimes, don't you just wish for a better... life?

we're all wondering through our own paths. stumbling gracelessly. every single one of us is still figuring out why we're doing all of this.

i just wish i didn't have to live like a coward. hiding from everything, making sure i don't get caught... it's necessary, but it saddens me that i have to do so.

i just wish i could live freely, as who i am. of course, life has other plans.

but that's simply how it works.

we have to deal with it, or die fighting.

life is just going to go on and on, whether we like it or not.

it's going to keep throwing hurdles at us and it doesn't give a fuck if we can get through it or not. we just have to keep running and fighting to achieve a better fate until the end.

but... what if it'll all be worthwhile in the end?

a ridiculous bout of optimism, i know.

it might be wishful thinking but... what if?

we grab at every shed of light we get.

what if life gets better?

hear me out. it seems rather doubtful, but maybe if we hold on and get through it all... it will get better. maybe the world wouldn't be so fucked up. maybe we could all live freely with smiles on our faces. maybe we wouldn't have to fear about what the universe has coming for the generation after ours, and the next, and the next.

what if we get better?

getting through it will be tough, and by the end of it, all of us will be inevitably worse for wear. the scars and injuries, physical or not, will still remain as some twisted version of a souvenir from our struggles. we shouldn't forget that we aren't alone, though. there are people all around us suffering as well, but they'll be willing to help us treat our wounds. and in return, we will heal theirs. not out of debt or obligation, but out of care.

every storm that comes also comes to an end.

a cliche thought, but maybe it holds a little bit of truth.

it's not a crime to dream.

so i will dream.


all pictures taken by myself, from a trip to magelang.

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