Please Sign Here. An adventure into the signing of the Declaration of Idependence

Have you ever looked at a picture of the Declaration of Independence and wondered about all the names that you see written on the bottom of it? Sure we see John Hancock and some other names which are larger, but have you ever wondered about the other 55 names written at the end of this history shaping document? Your assignment will be one that takes you all the way back to colonial America, when the small and fragile colonies did the unthinkable and stood up to the British crown, which would forever change the world.

Your quest will begin with a search for information about the lives of three of the signers of our nation's most important document. You will need to gather the following information form a Google search:

You will use this list of names to choose from. You may not use John Hancock as one of your signers.
  • Their name
  • Who they were
  • Which colony they came from
  • How they helped to fight in The Revolutionary War
  • If they had a family
  • How old they were when they signed the Declaration of Independence
  • If they continued in politics after the war was over
  • When they died

When you have done all of these steps, you will record a video of yourself and post it to YouTube(with your parent's permission) so that I can view it. In your video you will talk about what the process of searching for information was like for you, if you enjoyed it, and tell me something that you learned which you did not know before your search. The video needs to be four minutes long and you can share as much as you want to during that time! Make sure to copy the link of your video to your last PowerPoint slide so that I can watch your video.

Here is the rubric which I will be using to grade your webquest!

Have fun searching and I look forward to seeing what you all uncover during this Webquest exercise!

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