Wallachian Revolution (1848) By: Shaan Pal


The Wallachian Revolution of 1848 was not considered to be a successful revolution, because both the Russian and Ottoman Empires did not accomplish their goal by solving their land reform issue politically, economically, or socially.

Background Information:

The Wallachian Revolution took place in 1848, and it was a Romanian liberal and nationalist uprising in a specific region of Romania. The revolution consisted of the Russian Empire, and the Ottoman Empire. The main conflicts of the revolution were about land reform, national independence, freedom of press, and decentralization. This revolution was not considered successful, and therefore was a failed revolution.

Men during the revolution protesting, and rebelling.

Political Aspect:

The Politics of the Wallachian Revolution were a very big thing that led to the revolution. The big conflicts between both groups politically were land reform, freedom of speech, assembly, and decentralization. Land reform was the biggest conflict in the revolution. The Russian force were not happy with the regulations or customs regarding land ownership in Romania. To solve the issue of the land reform the Russian put together two successful coups that weakened the Ottoman government. The next conflict was, because of the new ruler of Romania Gheorghe Bibescu. He established new laws and regulations that caused the people of Romania to have less of a right towards freedom of speech, assembly, and decentralization. This caused both groups to act out in protests in non violent ways, but as a ruler you always want whats best for the people, and this is something that was considered to be the opposite of that. Due to the major political in the revolution the the government ended up weaker than before, and almost caused the Romanian Empire to fall fully.

Economical Aspect:

The economic struggles in the revolution all go back to the land reform, which also caused many different problems as well. The different conflicts were mostly centered around the poor. The poor was a very important part in running Romania back then, because of how they took the hard labor, and low wage jobs that made the economy function. For example, due to the large scaled reform the Ottoman Empire was trying to put together the land redistribution ended up contributing to economic decline and increased food insecurity to the whole country. By taking away most of the land of the poor it caused major food shortages, and a huge loss in money for the agriculture decline. As many people may argue that land reform would be mostly a political change, it really hurt the economy in a major way, and how the empire use to run successfully.

Different political members of the Ottoman Empire.

Social Aspect:

Even though the economic aspect and the political aspects are more likely connected to land reform, socially it is very important as well. Most of the conflict between the Ottoman's and Russians were actually due to social problems, and how they couldn't get along during the change in land ownership, and different law regulations. The biggest conflict was actually due to the change in land for farmers, and growing agriculture. The change the made was, making the Russian farmers, and Ottoman farmers become a joint enterprise, and to share their earning evenly. Obviously, both groups were not a fan of the idea at which of course causes a another reason for a revolution. Another thing that major conflicts are that most of the change in he farming was considered to be "state run farming". Which, means that when farmers earn the money they must give majority of the money to the government, and split the rest evenly. This again is unfair, and caused a feud between groups. This change was a very bad idea in my eyes, and socially it just caused the empire to divide even more than before.

Rare showing of fighting in revolution between Ottoman's and Russians.

The End!

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