The Harn Museum Hannah Perez

Art is the physical representations of what people create in their minds. When I visited the Harn, I saw many pieces of art. Some were meant to please the viewer, others to make them think, but overall what is the purpose of looking at art? Having a building just devoted to showcasing art seems to have no purpose, like a waste of space, which is why I ask, "What is art for?" For me art is a verb, a pastime. To create, view, curate, share all things involving art require energy and human input, which is why I say art is a verb. Walking through the exhibits, I found many things pertinent to the topic of "The Good Life", as well as ways to explain to myself how art and the good life are connected.


Medium of the Art

The medium of these are wood cut prints, but in pictures they just look like paintings. You can see the grains of the wood when you look at the prints up close, with a print you can represent the same piece of art in many different color schemes, which gives the original painting an all new feel. This is an art style that I have always liked. It is reminiscent of the paintings of Hokusai and other ukiyo-e painters. I like simple uncluttered paintings. I also like how these paintings display nature and human life existing together, and it just looks like they belong together.


When showcasing art it is important that the surroundings do not distract from the pieces themselves. Places that felt empty, like this room here, still felt like it had purpose. For me I always like things to have purpose.

Abstract wall placements, and spacious interiors make a path for your eyes to follow, while still feeling uncrowded. While going through The Harn, I found myself walking in circles because from one angle I saw something that I missed from another angle.

In my opinion, natural light is the best environment for viewing art. But the real best light for art is whatever light shows you the piece the way the artist intended it to be. Outdoor gardens were culminated in natural light so depending on the time of day you can experience the art in different ways. I like that outdoor pieces were incorporated into the design of the museum.

The entrance of the museum was my favorite. I liked how open it was. It was very welcoming. The sculpture in the center immediately draws your attention. To me it looked like a person running or balancing, it kind of gives you the sense that art is for anyone, because it is not hard to understand this sculpture. The simplicity of the form allow sit to be anything that the viewer wants it to be. It is for everyone.


My philosophy is everything in moderation. Or another way to say it "everything is poison if you have too much". I want my life to be simple, but still have layers and depth to it. This is a picture of me standing in between simple abstract primary color paintings. I took this picture because this is what I believe I am. Simple from afar but indiscernable inside.
I realized that I am a rather traditional person. I value the family, the home unit, but my generation is very modern. By association I am modern, which contrasts with this black and white video of a 50's housewife.

In this picture, a women goes through the alphabet, naming kitchen tools, and getting more violent with each one. It represents the evolution of a women's role in society and how women have become more independent. Even though I value domesticity, I know that I can do anything, and I don't have to accept a lifestyle I don't want.


Real life is art. Living the good life is realizing that art is present all around you.

These pictures depict real-life art in our world as it relates to the good life. The themes depicted in order from left to right top to bottom are, fighting for, embodying, seeking, and constructing the good life.

The picture that I am focusing on is the center picture of the young girl. The caption for this picture deals with establishing identity. The girl in the photo is asked to pose, but fails to seem "natural". The good life theme I derived from this idea is seeking the good life. This photographer often takes pictures of subjects while they are in a period of transition, infancy, pregnancy, adolescence, and so on. These transition periods have a certain liminality to them, where we as people are more likely to try new things as we are trying to find out who we are in these new situations. With change, we are always seeking the good life, like this adolescent girl in the photo. She is depicted searching for identity, one that comes naturally.


All photos taken by Hannah Perez

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