By: Sandra S. and Drew H.

The Ottoman Empire flag.
This is an image of an Ottoman solider.
This is the way that they dressed.
This is called the Tughra, which served as a royal symbol.
These are their trade routes for the Ottoman Empire.
This is a map of the Expansion of the Ottoman Empire.
Where did the Ottoman Empire colonize?

The Ottoman Empire: (capital:Istanbul) controlled Balkans, Anatolian Peninsula, Jerusalem, Makkah, Madinah, and parts of Europe. They conquered Mesopotamia, Egypt, Arabia, and Hungry but then they Moved to Austria.

How did they accomplish conquering Hungary?

They accomplished this by winning a major victory over the Hungarians in 1526 at the Battle of Mohács.

When did the Ottoman Empire end?

They were defeated in 1529 by the Vienna, then they moved into Western Mediterranean until the Spanish defeated a large Ottoman fleet at Lepanto in 1571. Then they later were pushed out of Hungary.

What Influence of Colonization can be seen or found today?

They produced pottery, rugs, silk, arms and armor, other textiles, and jewelry. They created prayer halls with open central area under one large dome. The Byzantine emperor, Justinian, introduced silk cultivation to the west in the sixth century.

By: Sandra S.

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