Vertibrae The health monitor

Our mission is to unlock the body’s full potential by utilizing technology to measure, inform and provide real-time insights of human movement.

This wearable device is the perfect result of integration of our four modules namely watch, neck clip, sole and belt. With its unique design we have been able to monitor all the six required parameters of health. The design is sophisticated yet simple.

And one more thing, each module communicates with each other; so the well-being of user’s body can be monitored to the fullest. The watch is the parent device which will collect data from all devices and send it to mobile. It is installed with the highly advanced software to track your health. In case any of the health parameter goes out of the prescribed safety range then it shows a quick notification depending upon the seriousness of emergency.

If the device notices any drastic variations in your body's functionality then it will automatically shout an alarm and also contact your phone to send a text to your emergency contacts. If the posture is not correct then you will receive a vibrating notification to correct it. All this is done to keep you notified and safe.

With this standard of modular wearable device and considering the advancement in technology going on, we will be able to monitor all the data related to the user so that we might be able to predict the health issues even before they actually happen. Your daily health records will be stored on cloud and your health pattern can be examined by your doctor anytime if needed.

This device is truly revolutionary and can help in saving uncountable lives. It will completely change our approach towards the health issues.

Team Vertebrae

Sarthak Mittal

Samraj Agarwal

Meka Naga Kumar

Mentor: Mr. Vikash Kumar

To know more mail us at

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Sarthak Mittal


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