Frozen II Written by Misha Sohail

On November 22 Disney's Frozen II Comes Out in Theaters

From the first captivating moment the audience sees a crucial part of Anna and Elsa's childhood that sets the whole film up. Throughout this movie Anna and Elsa are seeking answers about their past and who Elsa is and where she gets her powers from. They journey into The Enchanted Forest accompanied by Kristoff, Sven and Olaf following a voice Elsa repeatedly hears calling to her. A new danger looms in Arendelle forcing everyone to evacuate the kingdom.

Along with the audience, the characters have also grown over the years. They are all much more mature. Elsa and Anna have formed an even stronger sisterly bond and no one can split them up. They vow to protect each other multiple times throughout the film. Along with Elsa and Anna, Olaf has also grown. With his humor, Olaf engages every audience member, even the parents that are just there for their young children. Elsa and Anna both become more trustworthy and fulfill all of their promises. They are also more kind and appreciative of the people they have in their life.

Along with the character development, the songs in Frozen II are also on a new level compared to the old songs. Panic! at the Disco, Kacey Musgraves and others are the writers behind the soundtrack to the new movie. Listen to the song written by Panic! at the Disco below!

"I LOVED it!! It wasn't as good as the first but It was really cool and funny" -Brynlee Pinschenat

Unlike the first film, the main heroine in this film is Anna. Instead of focusing on her love interests, the writers really focus on her character development. She becomes much braver in this film and realizes her true potential. In the original Frozen, she had support from others like Kristoff but she goes solo this time. The power of love compels her to do many things she otherwise would not have. Ultimately Anna's bravery and courage saves everyone when Elsa and others are not able to.

From the great character development, soundtrack and new characters Frozen II is definitely a movie to go see as soon as it comes out.

Make sure to go watch Frozen II out in theaters on November 22nd!!

Created By
Misha Sohail