he was taught to be this way a project on masculinity and what it means to be a man.

redefining masculinity and identity.

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toxic masculinity and why he feels superior.

toxic masculinity is about power and exerting that power over other men and especially women. weakness by any measure is unacceptable as it goes against what it means to be a man. men can’t be emotional or show emotions in public. emotions such as sadness, fear, and shame bumps up against the male bravado. so rather than give someone the upper hand in the relationship he will do what he can to puff out his chest literally and figuratively.

the purpose of this book.

the purpose of this book is to help men become better men and for women to better understand men. it is not about shaming men. it is about being in constant conversation with masculinity and bringing awareness to the conscious and unconscious things that men do in and out of relationships. it is about shedding light on all dimensions into journeying into a process of becoming/being a good man and defining what being a man really means to you.


Workshop Title: Exploring Masculinity and What Being A Man Really Means

Toxic masculinity lives in and reinforces the stereotype that boys and men are expected to act a certain way which in turn denies and confines the fullness of being human and bumps up against what it means to be a man. But what does it mean to be a man? What is the purpose of a man? Why do men do the things that they do? What is his role in fostering healthy relationships? In this interactive session using Adrian Michael's book project entitled, he was taught to be this way., students will explore manhood frameworks, engage in candid conversations and activities with peers, unpack lessons they have learned about masculinity and redefine healthy masculinity and what being a man really means.

+ It is crucial to not just let this project remain in a book or in solo isolation. It is my intention to bring to life and convene in circles with communities of people to have this critical dialogue. Book groups will be held for men and for women separately, and eventually sessions where all peoples (no matter their gender identity) will be in space together to connect, reflect, and do this work together.

mental wealth calendar.

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a project by adrian michael green

“he was taught to be this way.” is a multi-dimensional project that explores masculinity and what it means to be a man.

The first book installment is coming soon.

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