GRIPP 2018 in review

2018 marked GRIPP's 2nd birthday, and there is a lot to celebrate.

GRIPP built a Groundwater Based Natural Infrastructure (GBNI) platform featured at the Stockholm World Water Week.

Here, an Underground Taming of Floods for Irrigation (UTFI) pilot facility during the wet season in Uttar Pradesh.

See 18 GBNI solutions and one global tool from GRIPP partners.

GRIPP participated in "Groundwater Thursday" at the 7th Africa Water Week in Libreville, Gabon.

GRIPP co-organized the first-ever Southern African Development Community – Groundwater Management Institute (SADC-GMI) groundwater conference in Johannesburg, South Africa.

GRIPP continues to fill critical knowledge gaps, share transferable solutions, create long-term partnerships, scale-up successes, and advocate for groundwater at the highest level (at 20 international events this year!).

On World Water Day, March 22, GRIPP raised awareness of the significance of groundwater for sustainable development and resilience during future change.


Some of the priorities for 2019 are:

Conjunctive transboundary water resources management in the Shire River Basin (Shire ConWat) in the Southern African Development Community (SADC), through transboundary cooperation on shared critical water resources.

Shared management of the Tuli Karoo Aquifer, along an often dry Limpopo River and at the crossroads between Botswana, South Africa and Zimbabwe

Support to institutional anchoring of the management of the Ramotswa aquifer in a joint mechanism between Botswana and South Africa

Did you know that aquifers store 98-99% of the liquid freshwater on Earth and that 2.5 billion people depend on groundwater to satisfy their basic water needs?

Follow GRIPP and contribute to:

  • advancing the agenda of sustainable groundwater management at a local to global scale to achieve the SDGs.
  • being part of a network of partners with critical mass to confront today’s groundwater issues for the benefit of future generations.
  • co-developing, documenting and disseminating proven technologies, policies, and approaches.
  • providing a platform for attracting, guiding and implementing action research for sustainable groundwater management.

We thank you for your support and contributions in 2018 and we look forward to working with you in 2019!


1. UTFI pilot facility during the wet season in Uttar Pradesh (photo: P. Vishwanathan) 2. Kitchinme Bawa Gotau, AMCOW Representative (photo: Matilda Quaicoe) 3. SADC conference picture photo credit?  4. credit: MARVI 5. West Bengal farmers look on as their pump spews groundwater (photo: Fraser Sugden) 6. Mozambique nationals traversing the Shire River. Water hyacinth, seen in the background, is a particular transboundary environmental issue of concern (photo: Thokozani Dlamini). 7. Woman working in her field in Koiladi, Nepal (photo: Patrick Drown) 8. An abandoned rope and washer water pump in Robit, Bahirdar area. The locals say that this equipment is no longer functional because the ground water level is too far than originally anticipated. (Photo: Maheder Haileselassie)

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