The Rock Cycle Kelli Dittrich

Have you ever wondered how rocks were made and why they look the way they do. Well its all because of the processes they have to go through to become a rock. For example rocks that were made deep in the earth had to go through steps to get to the surface. This process is called the rock cycle.

The Rock cycle is a series of steps a rock takes to become a rock and to get to the top and to get deep inside the earth. Lets take a Sedimentary Rock for example the rock can either be lifted up from the earth to the surface or can go through tons of heat and pressure and turn into Metamorphic Rock. From there the Metamorphic Rock is melted and goes through magma. Then the magma can crystallize and turn into a Igneous Intrusive Rock or can consolidate into a Igneous Extrusive Rock. Form turning in to a Igneous Intrusive rock the rock can be lifted up to the surface of the earth or can turn back into a Metamorphic Rock, Igneous Extrusive Rocks can do the same. From the point Igneous Extrusive Rocks they go through weathering, transportation, deposition, lithification, and back into Sedimentary Rocks.

The Rock Cycle is an amazing process since the rocks that travel from inside the earth help us learn what the inside of the earth looks like. All the rocks that were once inside the earth contain valuable information for scientist today. For example rocks that contain fossils help scientist figure out what lived once on our planet. Therefore the Rock Cycle has a great importance in today's world.


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