Becca's Story By: Lizzie Davis

My brother and I were running and running as fast as humanly possible to get away from the fuzz. Almost every morning ends up like this. I am one of 6 kids with one mother. Me and my brother are the only two who know what had happened to father. Mum said he was a bad man who did what he pleased, but only to protect us. I think she says that only because she loved him no matter what.

"Get back here kids! We'll get you one day and you'll be sorry!" they shouted at us as we hid in the trash can, as always. It's a good hiding spot because it stinks. Who besides us would ever even open the thing? After a minute we headed back to our flat. Sam looked at me and said,

" Guess what I found," he began as he pulled out a piece of paper that read "Titanic cluster tickets! First class! Meet by the dock at sundown tonight!" I opened my mouth in shock, but I soon realized that we could never get that amount of money.

"We can't do that! To get that type of money we would have to use father's savings and flog the flat. I think-"

"Well," he cut me off, "we can just go check it out, see what this person is offering." Sam smiled and got me to do it. We headed down later that day and met the stranger. All he wanted was a home, so we took him in and mum was actually ok with it. He was rubbish and smelly, but the man got cleaned up and actually looked quite decent. We all ate and Molly had a paddy. This mysterious man seemed not to care about Molly's temper tantrum. He just sat there quietly.

"So, where are you from?" my mum asked trying desperately to keep the man from noticing how hard our life was.

"I'm from New York, my pal and I got into some trouble and he went to jail, but I've stayed hidden in the streets," he mumbled. I think my father was from New York as well, but we moved here to stay away from the press. My mum looked like she saw a ghost, but she kept quiet about whatever it was she was thinking of.

After dinner the man helped my mum with the dishes while Oliver, the oldest boy in the family, and I played draughts. I moved my piece then he jumped mine leading him to yet another win. I saw the man excuse himself from mum and walk over with a smile.

"Up for another game?" he challenged. Oliver smiled back and nodded his head. They sat down and began the game. The man won and Oliver was in awe. He thought he was the best, but this proved him wrong.

"This is bollocks! I must just have some hard cheese tonight," he said with a little laugh. The man asked where he could sleep, so I lee him to Molly's cot. Jokingly I began to say,

"This is where you'll be sleeping," I couldn't hold a straight face and I burst out laughing. The man laughed along with me and I led him to his real room, my dad's office. He had a pull-out couch in there, perfect for guests.

"I'm sorry mate, I forgot to introduce myself! My name is Alexander, but you can just call me Alex," he spoke out of nowhere.

"My name is Isabelle, nice to finally know your name," I joked. Alex yawned so I said goodnight and gave him directions to the nearest bathroom. Before I left, Alex handed me the tickets and told me that the ship leaves in a fortnight. I decided I would begin to pack in the morning.

The next morning as soon as I woke up I brushed my teeth and began to pack. Mum came into my room and said,

"Why haven't you come down for breakfast yet and what are you doing?"

"Oh mummy! I forgot to tell you that Alex gave me the tickets and we leave in a fortnight," I replied quickly still rummaging through my clothes. She rolled her eyes and took them off of my dresser when she saw them. Mum carefully scanned the tickets and as soon as she opened her mouth, James came into my room and following close behind was Robyn.

"Tag! You're it!" squealed Robyn as she ran back out of my room. James laughed and as he tried to run out of my room my mum caught his sleeve and said,

"Have you kids lost your marbles?" My mum was annoyed. Probably because we had a guest in the house. James stood there and gandered like the mischievous boy he was. My mum let go of his sleeve and shooed him away. Mum turned back to me and winked as she picked up the tickets and walked out of my room. I had no idea what she was up to or what that wink meant but in a fortnight, I knew.

13 days later, we were all packed and mum and Alex seemed to have something for each other. Everyone seemed jolly excited except for Oliver. Oliver and his girlfriend, Mia had been hanging out the past few days and now he had to leave. With a gutted face, Oliver walked Mia home and came back. I'm not sure what his problem was but whatever it is, I told him to get over it.

Good thing we already lived close to where the Titanic would sail away. We don't have a car, so we had to walk. Alex pointed out all the parts of the Titanic and we were in awe.

"Are you barmy Oliver? How can you not be excited for this trip?" Mum nudged him and Oliver looked up and shrugged at her. We walked up to a nice looking man who asked for our tickets. I had them and it was such an honor to hand them over. The man smiled and opened the gate to the Titanic herself. Robyn and James skipped up the ramp and onto the deck of the boat. We could all tell this boat was very posh. There is no way we look like we fit in. All seven of us opened our room. We were third class, but I couldn't hold it in so I squealed of joy. This was going to be the best trip ever and I couldn't wait to get to New York.

British Words:

The fuzz- the police

Gutted- very sad

Hard cheese- bad luck

Marbles- "have you lost your marbles?!" Saying like, are you crazy

Paddy- a temper tantrum

Bollocks- nonsense

Mum- mom

Fortnight- 2 weeks

Barmy- mad or crazy

Gander- look around

Flog- sell

Jolly- very *very happy, very excited*

Mate- friend

Posh- high-class

Rubbish- something is trash or garbage

A cot- a crib

Draughts(game)- like checkers

Dummy- a pacifier

A flat- an apartment

Footway- a sidewalk


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