Compromise of 1854 By:Kayla Burwell

The compromise was between the Mexican Government and the United States

The United States bought land from Mexico

The United States payed ten million dollars for 29,600 square miles of land

The compromise was the separation of a four- year political confrontation between slave and free states

This was the last major involvement in the national affairs of Senators Henery Clay of Kentucky, Daniel Webster of Massachusetts, and John Calhoun of South Carolina

Calhoun and Clay died the same year but Webster died two years later

The compromise happened because of the Mexican American War

The Mexican American War was an attempt to resolve the crisis but it caused more problems

The South gained by the strengthening of the fugitive slave law

The North gained a new free state know as California


Created with images by dbking - "Senator Henry Clay" • Norman B. Leventhal Map Center at the BPL - "The countries of the Caribbean : including Mexico, Central America, the West Indies and the Panama Canal" • free pictures of money - "Money" • Boston Public Library - "To-day Massachusetts erects the statue of Daniel Webster" • cliff1066™ - "John Caldwell Calhoun" • HerryLawford - "Wandsworth Cemetery" • dbking - "Gen. George B. McClellan" • jfxberns - "2006.09.20-DSC_0417" • Boston Public Library - "The man is not bought! He is still in the slave pen in the courthouse!" • juliejordanscott - "California_map"

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