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R.E.M. "Low"

"Michael Stipe's long ago art professor at the University of Georgia, Jim Herbert, saw a physical artform as well, the first time he witnessed the band play, at Tyrone's O.C."
"I thought there was something going on with this lead singer, writhing and twisting around the microphone," Herbert recalls, his voice twisting in tone with the memory. "And it was interesting, because there were a lot of 'art bands' around at the time, but R.E.M. wasn't considered an art band ... but there was a sensual, tactile, visual world Michael was part of that certainly was in the music."
One of Herbert's later videos, for the song "Low" from 1991's "Out of Time," was based around three paintings in the permanent collection at the Georgia Museum of Art - the most popular being "La Confidence," by Elizabeth Gardner. Using visual and editing techniques along with real models, Herbert made the paintings come alive. GMOA director William Eiland considers Herbert's interpretation of the work filmmaking art . . . .


"La Confidence," by Elizabeth Gardner

Beirut, “Postcards From Italy”

"Israeli-born director Alma Har’el purchased cases of super-8 home-footage from various families across the US on eBay to make Beirut’s video, and padded out the rest of the content with gratuitous shots of Zach Condon sauntering around California picking apples for his girlfriend. So not really a postcard from Italy at all, then."


“Double Rainbow” Viral Video and “Double Rainbow Song” by The Gregory Brothers

Through a combination of old-fashioned musical ability, high-tech skills and the do-whatever-you-want spirit of the World Wide Web, the Gregory Brothers -- a quartet consisting of siblings Evan, Michael and Andrew, as well as Sarah Fullen Gregory, Evan's wife--have built a cottage industry around videos like "Backin Up Song (feat. Diana)," and previous videos like "Double Rainbow Song" and "Bed Intruder Song."

"The Gregory Brothers Auto-Tune the Internet" by Dave Itzkoff, NY Times, Aug 11, 2011


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