Good Life Nature Activity Ashley turnoff

I think that this exhibit is absolutely beautiful. I love that it is open space and all the butterflies are out in the open flying everywhere and landing on top of you. I enjoy looking at all the plants and seeing the butterflies land on the leaves. Before going into this exhibit there was a wall filled with all the butterflies inside of their cocoons and I just think the looks so interesting and beautiful. My experience here was so amazing because I really was able to enjoy the nature.

I think that by looking at this I did get to admire and love this exhibit. I think that walking through the museum I found a new love for nature. I appreciated looking at the bones of animals that are extinct. The museum allows to connect with nature by making their exhibits very hands on. You can interact with certain things in the museum which draws the attention of many people.

This helps us step out of our ordinary life because we get see all the different creatures that are in this museum, something we probably don't see in our day-to-day life. I think that this exhibit about the sea creatures portrays the mystery because there are so many different types of animals and creatures in the deep ocean that we may not know about.

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