Out and about In Headingley and Golden Acre Park

More pictures than words in this report from my day in Headingley and in Golden Acre Park. After a wonderful brunch with Janice and Michael I parked in the Sainsburys car park and no sooner had I made my way down the stairs than I ran into an old friend, Dick Neale.

Dick Neale, oblivious

Not much to say: "how are you?" "OK, and you?" "Fine." "See you."

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Smokers' corner in the Sainsburys car park

ABOVE and BELOW: although it is deepest Winter some -- very few -- flowers seem to hang on. Elsewhere the buds are tightly enfurled, awaiting the signal (still some months off) to unfurl and begin the rigmarole of Spring.

Some life-forms follow their own, somewhat different, rhythms...


Even in those parts of the park devoid of any sign of green life, the structures of the dry plants remain, intriguing and amazingly elaborate.

A few close-ups
Golden Acre's demonstration garden with some plants looking wild, like triffids
The tall grasses have become so dry and white that they can be photographed even in the last of the fading light. The last photo in this sequence was photographed standing on a bench.
The three sisters / witches, with the tea-room in the background (left)

Time to hit the road in the growing gloom. Thank goodness for someone in a red coat to add some interest to my picture.

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