Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the Television Dog By Cambria

Poochie was a famous dog he stared on many television shows. He was at the book store signing autographing books for his new book "The Poochie Story." Cam,Donna,Diane,and Eric were in line to see Poochie. There was a man in front of them with orange hair. He was holding a dog that looked just like Poochie.

They heard the man yell"Stop it Cloudy." when he was barking. When it was the man's turn, Cloudy jumped up on to the table! Then the man grabbed Cloudy,"Bad Cloudy." he said. And he took Cloudy home.

Then they realized the dog they had wasn't Poochie! The dogs had been switched! Cam ran out the door Cloudy ran after her and went past Cam. Cam ran after Cloudy hoping he would lead her somewhere. He led Cam to a house.

In the house was a bald man. He was going to take out the trash. He came out and put a red wig in the garbage can. He looked just like the man in the book store,just bald. Eric gave Cloudy a meatloaf sandwich. Then they saw Poochie in there, they didn't know how to get him out but Cam had a plan.

Cam told Donna and Diane to bang on a window to keep the man busy running from one window to another while Cam would grab Poochie from the open window in the back. Donna banged on one window the man came over, as soon as he was almost there Diane banged on the other window. They kept on banging as Cam went to get Poochie from the open window. When she got Poochie they all ran to the bookstore.

Then they showed Poochie to the police and of course the man was arrested for taking Poochie. Poochie went back signing books and being a television dog and nobody ever switched places again.

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