Frontiers By Omnium Gatherum


2016 | Metal


“Uprising, upheaval, ticking with the time. -- A greater of realities of equality. -- Better to be a way better to be, no constant state of crisis. -- True chaos is a belief of true order."


  • Omnium Gatherum is a Finnish melodic death metal band with moments of progressive rock tossed in.
  • Guitarist Markus Vanhala is the only original member still in the band.
  • Markus Vanhala has been a guitarist with another Finnish death metal band: Insomnium.


Luke Tatum

"True order lives with chaos." Oooooh. This is not normally my vocal style, but I found myself enjoying htis song quite a bit. The bit about order and chaos reminds me that we should be embracing the apparent "disorder" of freedom. Order is emergent, organic, and natural. Imposition of one will on another is true disorder. There's something very "Lord of the Rings-y" here, though I may not have tied these concepts together well enough for everyone to see it. It's just like...if these guys were leading the libertarian revolution, it would be the last march of the Ents. With metal. Wait a second. I may need to do some video editing! "True order lives with chaos." Considered in a certain way, this could describe the Austrian economists' outlook on things. Or, perhaps the anarcho-capitalist way of looking at things. What way is that? Why, let people live their lives, of course! Left to our own devices, we create order. Chaos is not something to be abolished, but a natural co-partner in the world that should be observed, respected, and even consulted when the need arises. Authoritarian "order," on the other hand, is passing laws left and right to try to "reign in" chaos--an impossible task! Not my favorite song on the list, but I do enjoy this concept immensely.

Sherry Voluntary

I really appreciate some of the lines in this song. “A way better to be/No constant state of crisis/True chaos is a belief/Of true order” “To choose is to see/Set the darkness on fire” and “True order lives with chaos.” As an anarchist, I know that anarchy has been made a synonym of chaos, and chaos is generally thought of as only destructive. Most people would consider spontaneous order to be chaotic because it’s not centrally managed and leaves everything up to, gasp, markets, and individuals. Set the darkness on fire and fire and keep the message that central planning is actually harmful to productivity, and innovation, and the general wellbeing of people.

Nicky P

Maybe it's just me, but it seems like Markus likes to ruin his incredibly epic songs with cookie monster vocals. I'm not even a hater of the vocal style in the right places but they seem jarring in music like this. But qualitative critiques aside I like the place this song is coming from. I think they treat the word chaos with a little to much weight since there's always an order to what's going on it's just complicated and messy. For these very reasons is why you need to keep focused on the Loci of control closest to yourself. It's impossible to see every eventuality of our actions and it's immoral for us to try and act on the behalf of others without consent.

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Nicky P

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