Salt Lake City © 2017 Lucy Mathews Heegaard

view from our hotel window in downtown Salt Lake City [400mm zoom]
like the cover photo, this one is from the downtown public library
"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards."— Soren Kierkegaard [door in public library]
study with a view [public library]
library rooftop
view from library rooftop towards University of Utah campus
detail from outdoor staircase going from library rooftop to a ground level plaza
zig zags going up
atop the Mormon Temple
it's always nice to know where you are
the reason we came [USA Climbing Youth National Bouldering Competition]
must be able to wedge oneself into small spaces
flexibility is important
strength is a necessity
perseverance and determination are also handy, as well as a willingness to fall. [i bow in awe and wonder to those who climb walls and rocks.]
on the southern edge of The Great Salt Lake
at Great Salt Lake Marina
my nicknamesakes [Great Salt Lake Marina]
Jonathan Livingston [at Great Salt Lake Marina]
Great Salt Marina
shoreline detail
confession: i always exclude man-made intrusions from my photographs, which can make it seem like the environment i am photographing is absolutely pristine and untouched. in truth, this copper refinery is directly behind the marina
heading back toward Salt Lake City from the marina
the road less traveled
the sun, struggling to come out all afternoon, makes a full-fledged appearance at last
the end of the tracks
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Lucy Mathews Heegaard


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