March on Washington By Gino Ciardelli

The march on Washington was one of the largest protests in US history. This was a rare protest were all races joined together to fight for rights for each other and themselves. All of those sit ins and bus boycotts lead up to this nonviolent protest at Washington where a speech was given to turn heads of people and enlighten them.
August 28 1963 at the Lincoln memorial Martin Luther king Jr gave the I have a dream speech in front of over 250,000 people of different races. This speech spoke of jobs, support for civil rights, and freedom for all races.
These people waited for hours showing there support for civil rights and equality. They chose to go against this peacefully in nonviolent protests. The lasting effect of this protest was mostly the famous " I have a dream" speech which showed people what could be possible and what the future could hold like today where white and black children go to school together.
The closest thing to the March on Washington is the black lives matter movement. This movement was based off the deaths of African Americans by police. It tries to show that some of those deaths were police brutality or not caring about the lives of African Americans.

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