My Goals By; Alexa.L

In 2017

My Goal in 2017 is to get a 3.0 GPA or higher. I want to get all A's in my classes. I want to work in the summer so, I could start saving up for college. I either want to work in Cold Stone or Target because those are some of my favorite places. I want my life to be successful and by doing that I would have to work hard.

By 2019

I want to see myself graduate with an advance diploma in 2019. I want to graduate with all my friends. I want Senior year to be a successful one and a perfect year.

By 2020

I want to attend to U of A for 3 or 4 years , I really want to go here. Hopefully I get in! I really want to achieve this because this is one of my goals in life and hopefully I can achieve it. I want my family to be proud of me.

By 2025

I want to become a dentist because it looks really fun to use the tools. By becoming a dentist I could see many people happy, I could make them smile by fix there teeth. It seems a wonderful job. I would be about 24 years old when I achieve this goal.

By 2030

I want to go in many places. Some of my main place I want to go is Paris , New York , Mexico, and California. I think these places are cool and are wonderful to be in. This would probably take 5 to 7 years to achieve but by 2030 I would have achieved them. I want to travel with my family and friends I want to spend time with them and make more memories with them.

By 2035

In 10 years I would still love my family no matter what. I want to be together forever and I could achieve this my never giving up.
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Alexandra Loera Ontiveros


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