Creative Work Karen Velasquez

I really like tweety bird because ever since I was little i liked watching looney tunes. doing this project was fun because I was finally able to get the hang of how to draw the lines and anchor points. This is probably one of the projects that I am most proud of because I was finally able to do a project without getting extremely frustrated.

Although this work has a little bit of flaws there and then, it is still something i am proud of. I didn't need to ask for a lot of help with this one. When I first saw the assignment I thought I was going to have trouble but turns out it gave me a lot of practice for my future project. i.e. the tweety bird. Connecting the lines was pretty simple and straight forward. I would be willing to re draw this for fun.

When I first did this art, I thought it looked really good but now that I look at it, it isn't that nice, but since it is my cute lil dog ill put him on here. I feel like I could've worked on it longer. At the end of the day, it's panda and he's cute and i love him. I am very happy I was able to use him as my project

This dog inspired me to do a painting of panda. When I first did this dog, it was coming out very ugly. I personally don't think this looks like a painting but he is a cute dog. For some reason I do not know why the corner of the project did not fill in. But i am pretty proud of this art work too.

If I was standing in front of this house I would be pretty scared to go in. This project was pretty easy and simply to make. I like the details the project has such as the rain and the fog. It looks realistic to me and I like that a lot.

This one was so hard for me to do. I am pretty proud of it though because it came out pretty clean and the only error was the loop that was cut.

This one is a re do of the first time I did this logo. The first time I did this it was really bad, and now I am incredibly proud of this. Creating the lines was very easy. I made the lines first and then I filled out the letter right after. I really like this and I am just so proud of it. Thank you for taking the time to read my page.


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