Owatonna High School Construction Updates

Three-story, 317,000 SF high school, which will accommodate 1,600 students, contains new classrooms, state-of-the-art industrial arts labs and shop spaces, and an 825-seat auditorium, gymnasium, and a large commons/cafeteria space in the center of the building. The new high school will be located on a 90-acre site with parking lots for 890 vehicles. The project also includes a five-station field house with walking track, a 3,451-seat football stadium, eight tennis courts, four soccer/lacrosse fields, two softball fields, two baseball fields, and a synthetic turf field and full track at the stadium.

Construction is expected to be completed in the summer of 2023.

Monthly Updates


Work Started

Work In Progress

  • Site utilities (storm sewer, sanitary sewer, and water main)
  • Construct access roads and staging area

Work Completed

  • Rammed aggregate piers for foundations

Work Upcoming Next Month

  • Athletic field excavation
  • Seed at storm ponds
  • Start athletic field lighting
  • Start stadium foundations


Work Started

  • Footing and foundation work
  • Excavation and backfill for foundations

Work Completed

  • Loading dock foundations

Work Upcoming Next Month

  • Start above-grade masonry for shops spaces
  • Start above-grade masonry for stair towers


  • Commons/cafeteria
  • Auditorium/music spaces
  • Athletic/activities spaces

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August 25, 2021
July 29, 2021
July 27, 2021
July 7, 2021
June 2021


Jason Rentmeester, Senior Project Manager | jason.rentmeester@krausanderson.com

Michael Stenbeck, Project Manager | michael.stenbeck@krausanderson.com

Dan May, Project Manager | dan.may@krausanderson.com

Rob Gemelke, Project Manager | rob.gemelke@krausanderson.com

Randy Haram, Project Superintendent | randy.haram@krausanderson.com

Wold Architects and Engineers

Ben Beery, Associate | bbeery@woldae.com

Paul Aplikowski, Partner | paplikowski@woldae.com