Guardian by SAM




Washington, DC - Pentagon

“We are in a great resource war!” exclaimed the colonel, “Our only ally that hasn't turned on us is China and we don’t have a enough money to supply our armies, we need something….” All the sudden the intercom rang and answered an incoming call from China.

The president asks, “What is it?”

The ruler of China found something that could turn the war the other way, something magical. All of the sudden all of the officials are ordered out of the room and told to go home.

Chapter 1

Today is 1/12/77. I wake up to my wife shaking my shoulders. I wake saying “WHAT?!” She said told me to wake up you must go to the capital! I jump out of bed and get ready as fast as possible, as I get in the car I’m thinking of what happened yesterday at the Pentagon. I park my car and I run in through the doors and I sit down. The major calls attendance after about 20 people he calls lieutenant Simon, I stand up and say “here”. As the major talks about what America and China were talking about yesterday the thing that stood out is that they’re deploying in China TOMORROW. After the meeting ends I go home and tell my wife. She is really mad at me. I go to the basement to find all of my supplies, and I go to the military base. The debriefing of the mission is very clear. We are being deployed right on the border of China and Mongolia, so there might be some hostiles, but nothing we can't handle.

Chapter 2

Today is 1/13/77. Today is the day, the day we are deployed. As we leave our ship on a helicopter, the rattle of the rotor reminded me of my first deployment. It was 4/20/2056. I sit there in the helicopter waiting for something bad to happen. As we fly over hostile territory, I shudder.

The captain bellows at us, “Get ready” and “Go go go.”

We all jump out attached to our lines that are keeping us from plummeting to our death. While we were falling, a machine gun opened fire on us, one by one, the captain shot our line with his 44. pistol. It was only a 5 foot drop but it scared us all. When we hit the ground we crawled into a trench and took a quick head count.



“Don't speak to your captain like that!”

“Sorry, sir”

“We are being deployed in a quiet area so we can land the helicopter”

“Everyone detach from their lines!”


As we detach from our lines, and the helicopter goes lands on the ground, I see a huge cave. There are large pillars in the cave, etched with Chinese symbols I couldn't read. As the helicopter touches the ground, we hear metal landing on stone. As I look down, I see a brick floor. The general's orders us to go off in an orderly fashion. As we get off, about 4 helicopters land. Some of the helicopters are like mobile bases, very large. They have sleeping quarters, kitchens, and lots of storage. One especially caught my eye, one helicopter had a large metal cage attached to it. As the soldiers set up shop just outside the cave, my squad ordered into a straight line. As the captain barked orders at us I can't help to notice the people running in with plasma cutters.

Chapter 3

As we walk in the cave I notice they’re usings flames for light. After about 500 feet of walking a huge glass cube comes into vision. Perfectly preserved, I think. Nothing must have touched it for a while. The captain tells us that this cube is over 1,000 years old. This an ancient chinese artifact with great power, they used it in many great wars. This chinese artifact was older than earth itself and it was produced by one of the many gods. They turn on high-powered spotlight and then you see the large figure encased in the glass. The captain said this is just what we came for.One of our squad members falls on the floor, he fainted. As the plasma cutter crew comes in and starts cutting into the glass

Chapter 4

After about 4 hours of watching them cut, it pops open. Steam pours out of the glass cube. The thing inside it starts to move, it steps out pushing the 2 bricks of glass aside and roars at all of us. It stomps around, getting use to moving around and then freezes. Our captain looks at it and said “just what I expected”. we all look around it I notice it looks like a turtle. As I pace around it I notice a one foot thick hole in its shell, “how!” The captain pulls out a flare the turtle stares at it, and the turtles pupils grow larger and he starts stomping towards it. The captain brings it into the metal cage. He puts out the flare, the turtle freezes and stands completely still.

Chapter 5

As we get back back on the helicopter I wonder what that thing was. As we fly, I look out the window to see the thing. As we fly to a place that we need to take control of the General talkes about what we were going to do with this beast. We are going to a place where all we need to do is watch the turtle do its thing. As we land, I see the helicopter with the turtle has already landed. The captain is taunting it with a flare, he puts the flare out and screams, “Fire!” The large artillery cannon launches a large flare across the city, the turtle’s pupils grow, again it stomps around happily and starts running in the city. As he’s running, the enemy opens fire on him. He stomps and lets out a large roar. The turtle summons a fireball and throws it at a huge group of infantry. As the turtle turns a corner a heavy tank drives out of a garage.

“Oh no,” that's a TOG2 super tank, as it turns its 120mm barrel at the turtle. The turtle stomps and knocks the 80 ton tank right over. The enemy infantry scramble back and forth around the street. As we go to the flare we see a huge vault, and the captain shoots at the vault door with his pistol. The turtle comes up to a vault and summons a fireball. He holds the ball up to the vault, and after about thirty seconds the vault door melted. We all looked in the room and there is a huge tank full of oil.

Chapter 6

Now that we have a lot of oil, the allied forces can produce many more tanks and ammunition. It truly does look like the turtle turned the whole war around. Now the turtle is in the pentagon stomping around in habitat they made for it.

The End

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