Sting By: Jude Watson


The overall location in my book is Paris and I imagine it as a very fancy but dank place and beeping of cars and loud shouting and sirens. This book makes me feel what it would be like if I lived in Paris.

Specific Location(s)

So they were first in the house of the owner of the trio of sapphires and then they escaped and got into a car and drove, and then they got into the sewer and then they got into there secret base.


It is the modern day and I imagine that it is just like Paris but maybe more thefts. It is night time when they are breaking in and out of the building and this makes me feel even better about the book because if it is dark you don't know what is going to happen so it holds me in suspense.


It is a big city and it is very populated and this makes me imagine a bunch a lights on at night and a lot of talking. It makes feel it should make it sound more populated because they usually don't run into anyone in the story.


In the story they described when they were escaping in the other theirs car there wasn't a lot traffic so they didn't have a lot of people at night. But it makes me imagine that there are barely any people there.

Objects & Clothing

Well they don't describe they wearing but when they were braking in they was a complex metal door to keep the sapphires safe, and when they were escaping they used a hook and rope to get up on the roof. When they were escaping in the car the described that the car was a Mercedes and those weren't used sold or used before.


The mood of the book is creepy and it is a mystery book and I am saying it is creepy because there are things that usually don't happen. One example is the other thief and the feeling of not knowing what actually killed March's Dad.

Setting's Effect on Story

The setting affect the story by the police trying to catch them where they could hide and maybe if they weren't there then they might've not attempted that heist. If they weren't in Paris then they would probably in another place trying to get money.


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