This is my Post-Analysis form! I took it to my most difficult class which is Business Calculus. We talked about what I should do more of to get a B or an A on the next test. She told me to take more of the Self-Test which are provided online. I plan on doing this more because it has helped me for other classes. This was really helpful to see what I missed and the reason I missed them.
This is my actual test! I am going to study this a lot to make sure I know what I missed for the final exam. I brought this to my professor also and she helped me understand what I missed and why I missed it!

Study Plan:

I will study harder and more for the next test coming up in a couple weeks. I will take advantage of the self-test online and I will try to go to more PAL secessions. I feel like all these methods will help me get a B or an A on the next exam. I am really close to an A in the class so that is one of my goals.


I really liked going to my professor because she now knows who I am and can help me more. It sometimes can be intimidating to go to a professor but she is really nice and helpful. I felt like it really helped to see what I missed and why. I also liked the fact that I learned some new methods to help me study for the next test!

Action Plan for Final:

I am going to spilt my time up each day studying for my exams. I am going to start the week before exams and study small at first and then start study more each day leading up to the test. Each day I will have certain times to study for certain subjects! I will have some classes that I study more for, especially Math and Econ. This was very helpful and I feel a lot more prepared for my upcoming test!


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