Outcome #5 Exhibit professor interview

Common Exhibit for Learning Objective #5: Professor Interview

Objective: Students will learn collaborative and interpersonal skills that will serve them in their academic and professional lives, including presentation skills, group learning techniques, professional interaction skills, diversity awareness, and teaching others.

Jumah Taweh, Lecturer, Clemson University Department of Communication
Questions I Asked:
The questions provided were just too hard not to ask as the natural flow of conversation ran its course through the provided list of questions! 🤗
Reflecting Back...

I chose to interview Ms. Jumah simply because I found it easy to talk to her in class as well as during my post-test analysis given that she's such a laid back individual. As I conversed with her and really took the time to listen to the responses she was giving, I came to the conclusion that she is a very in-depth person. While that may not be the best way to describe a person, I think it fits her in this case. I was surprised by her responses to my questions because every answer she gave was above and beyond what I asked and I found it admirable that she chose to go into such detail about her life - some personal, but mostly professional - with basically a complete stranger. I appreciate her taking the time to let me interview her, and hope that the professors I will come to encounter as I progress through my college journey are as approachable as her.

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