Pearls Sacrafice By Pearl

Ruby and Sapphire looked at the shards of their friend. Pearls shards layed in their hands. Steven could'nt heal it. Their was nothing to do about it. Steven looked at Ruby and Sapphire. Amethyst came in. they all hugged eachother. "I bet mom would be sad" Steven said squeezing his gem. "Your mom always worried about us" Sapphire said. Steven heard his ringtone. He anwsered the phone. "STEVEN!" said Connie. Connie explained the whole thing. "WHAT I'LL COME SEE!" Steven said. He put his phone back and ran out to the beach where his mother sat.Hewent overand sat by her. "M-mom" Steven said. Rose looked at Steven and smiled. "You and me can now exist" she said. They hugged eachother. Garnet and Amethyst came out. They ran over and hugged Rose. Rose got up with Steven in her arms.Rose saw the shards of Pearl.Rose covered her mouth. Her loyal solider was gone.

To Be Continued...

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Pearl Universe

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