Welcome to our first lesson in the How to Read More Course Series. We're going to talk about making a book reading schedule to plan your year. This will help you get in the habit of organizing your reading life and prepare you to work through the other lessons.


So what is a book reading schedule? Doesn't it take all the fun out of reading for passion? I actually see a book reading schedule as a way to pursue your passion for reading in an organized and disciplined way. When you create a schedule and decide which categories are important for you to consume each month, it's like coming up with a workout plan for your mind. It allows you to focus on different muscle groups to keep balanced - all because you decided certain areas of your life are important to you. The schedule is a guide. Let's talk about how to make one.

"The reading of all good books is like a conversation with the finest minds of past centuries." Rene Descartes


Your first task is to decide which categories are important to you - I've created an easy book-reading schedule that includes faith, fiction, philosophy, personal, professional, poetry, and essays. You might choose to add short fiction - I like to alternate an essay collection and a short story collection when I make my schedule but the label says, "Essay." If you want to use completely different categories, you can elect to use the book reading schedule without labels and designate your own categories.


Next, gather all the books you want to read in the coming year and separate them by category. Sometimes the categories bleed together, but don't worry too much about making them fit perfectly. We'll talk more about your goals for reading down the line - this is just to help you get in the practice of organizing your reading.

Step 3

Then assign each book to a month - I do this first by creating physical stacks or piles and/or penciling the titles into my schedule. I try to balance my reading by pages and intensity. If Infinite Jest is on the schedule, I'll make sure my other reading is a bit breezier or as light as my passions allow. I'll also vary the selections within categories. For example, if I read a personal development book that relates to marriage one month, then I might choose a parenting book the next month.


Once all of your books are designated, you can write them on your schedule. I like to keep each month's stack on a currently reading shelf with my daily devotional and any ongoing reading projects I have.


If you're heavily researching a writing project or a course that you're teaching, stay tuned to my extra-super-nerdy reading schedule. My research process is a bit different, and will be included in the bonus materials for the course series. This reading schedule is designed to help you maintain a balanced and purposeful personal reading life.


There are two versions available below - one with labels and one without labels for you to customize. You can print them out and pencil in your books.

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