Inject Creativity Live 18th November 2020 with Tim Kitchen and Erin Raethke

Tonight's guests: Juliette Bentley and Lauren Sayer

Welcome, welcome to those of you who joined us live or via the recordings. Missed out? Find the latest live Chat Show at the below recording on the Adobe for Education channel on YouTube:

It was a fabulous live show, and we found ourselves running a little over this evening due to my highly enthusiastic (and long... sorry#notsorry) demonstration of Spark Post App on mobile.

We few technical difficulties that #legend Luke Cathcart from Adobe was helping us overcome by working as moderator in place of our usual #champion moderator, Jerry Wong.

Juliette Bentley

Juliette is an Adobe Education Leader and also the Adobe Master Teacher for the APAC region. She is an English and Religious Studies Teacher at Mt St Michael’s College in Brisbane.

Juliette shared with us some examples of both teachers and students using Adobe Spark to curate resources and express their thoughts about topics, including in peer-review and collaborative environments.

Juliette also shared with us an instructive template she created in Spark Video (and also shared to the Adobe Education Exchange) that literally talks students through exactly what they need to do.

Juliette works to empower her students to be more than passengers in their learning journeys - she spoke beautifully to this and my paraphrasing can't do her justice :)

Please also check out Tim and Juliette during their Writing for Change challenge Livestreams:

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Adobe MAX in review...

This fab Adobe Max summary is available below:


Lauren Sayer

Lauren was listed on the prestigious The Educator Australia Educator Hot List 2020. She is currently Director of Digital Learning at Haileybury and is soon to joining the executive at Melbourne Girls Grammar. She is also an Advisory Board Member at Code Like a Girl.

Lauren shared with us (above) pages from the Haileybury LMS to show what can be done with the Adobe Education Exchange resources to curate and share resources with students.

Lauren shared with us how XD enables students to share resources without needing to know Code.

Lauren described how XD gets students interested in coding and creating apps beyond assessment tasks in the school environment. As a Advisory Board Member at Code Like a Girl, she is particularly passionate in creating foundational skills to involve girls more in tech.

BOP Industries


Haileybury current is working with BOP Industries to provide additional skill building for students. On their site, they say:

Programs and resources to help teachers bring 21st-century skills into the classroom through industry engagement, entrepreneurship, STEM and innovation.

Lauren also spoke to a session where students selected their favourite app, then went and worked in XD to design and test their concept, in alignment with some UDL principles:

Lauren shared an example where students incorporated accessibility into her app, where users could listen as well as view content.

Lauren referred our live attendees to the Adobne Creative Kickstarters resources on EDEX:

Lauren's Spark Page with the resources she mentioned tonight is here:


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