Social Media Scare By ava samson

Today, Social media is a very big thing in society. Many kids have it and adore it, but what if there was something that Social Media never told you? What if all of the good in Social Media is over shadowing the bad?

There are many cons in social media, but one of the biggest is the anxiety that may come with it. Anxiety is a disorder that is often caused by social media. Anxiety makes people anxious, worried and panicked very easily. When a person becomes attached to Social Media, anxiety disorder may rise into their world. Also, when people post images onto Social Media, you get a certain amount of likes. If you don’t get the amount of likes that you preferred, it is possible for you to take it personally and think badly of yourself.

Another con in Social Media is the rumors and gossip that lead to bullying and suicidal thoughts. Young adults and teens go through very hard things such as rumors and kidnapping because of what they share on Social Media. When people go through this things they become upset and angry at themselves for doing something that was basically out of their control. Having your control taken away from you is very difficult for teenagers to go through and that can leave them to inquire thoughts that no person should ever have. This is just another thing that Social Media doesn't want people to know about.

One last issue with Social Media is that it gives teens no closure. If teens post something on Social Media and it gets hate, most of the time they will have no idea who posted that and why they would say such a hurtful thing. Also, most teens that become addicted feel as though that others have greater control over their life then they do. That should not be a feeling for any teenager, especially when they are about to go out to the world on their own.

In conclusion, Social Media is and has harmed many teens. Something that we can do next is to be aware not to cyber bully, and that if you have mean comments to say keep them to yourself. Social Media is not something that teens should take lightly, because one word that may seem fine to them, can hurt others very badly. Overall, Social Media has had many negative effects on teens.


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