Man Ray By: Reese Burke

Emmanuel Radnitzky was Man Ray's original name, & he was born August 27, 1890, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S. & died November 18, 1976, Paris, France.

He focuses on rayograms, fashion, and portraits in the 20. Below are some examples of his work...

Vogue Italia issue that Ray photographed

Man Ray often used a process called "solarization" for aesthetic purposes. Along with many techniques he almost always used a model names "Lee Miller" and his "lover" as subjects in his photos.

"Man Ray and his lady Adrienne Fidelin"

when asked what type of camera he used in 1967, he replied: "None ! I have to modify them all. My cameras are all of my own design. I take lenses apart and put them together again and put them on cameras that were not meant for them." (Hirsch 99)

The type of light exposure and lighting in Ray's photos often varied, depending on whether he was shooting fashion or rayograms or nature. It always depended on what time of day he was shooting.

Ray was very creative as a kid, On the online resource, it states "he studied drawing with Robert Henri at the Ferrer Center, and frequented Alfred Stieglitz's gallery 291. It later became apparent that Ray had been influenced by Stieglitz's photographs. He utilized a similar style, snapping images that provided an unvarnished look at the subject."

Alfred Stieglitz, AKA Ray's influence when he was younger

To conclude, I chose this photographer because I have an interest in fashion and I think it is cool to see how the fashion was back then and I also think its very interesting how he decided to position the models in different ways that compliment them best.

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