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What is UNICEF?
UNICEF is a global organisation working towards a better life for children everywhere around the world. They help children in poorer countries to get enough food and water, education and a chance at a good life.
UNICEF's aim...

UNICEF's aim is for all children everywhere to be able to live the best life they can live. They want all children to have enough food, water and to have an education. They aim to let all children have equal rights no matter where they are from because they know that a lot of children out there don't have the power to speak for themselves. UNICEF aims to be their voice until they can speak for themselves.

When was UNICEF founded?
UNICEF was founded on December 11th of 1946, in New York City
What work does UNICEF do?

UNICEF Works hard to let all children reach their full potential by helping them fulfil their basic human rights. They work in 190 countries and territories focusing especially on the vulnerable and excluded in poverty ridden or war torn countries. They promote girls’ education (making sure that they complete primary education at the bare minimum) because it benefits all children, both girls and boys. Girls who have been educated grow up to become better thinkers, better citizens, and better parents to children of their own. UNICEF acts so that all children are able to get vaccines against common childhood diseases, and are well nourished; no child should suffer or die from an illness that, with a bit of help from those more fortunate, can be prevented. They work to stop the spread of disease which young children are very exposed to. This organisation helps children and families affected by such diseases to live their lives with dignity.

Over the course of UNICEF's amazing journey to helping others, some people with more than they could've asked for decided to help too. Here are a few of the inspirational celebrities who took it upon themselves to give their time and care to strangers...

Selena Gomez

Katy Perry

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

David Beckham

Lionel Messi

Nicole Scherzinger

.....and many, many more. For the full list of 312 please go to the link below...

How is UNICEF funded?

UNICEF is funded entirely by the voluntary contributions of governments, non-governmental organizations, foundations, corporations and private individuals. UNICEF receives no funding from the assessed dues of the United Nations. They depend hugely on the contribution of the public, the volunteers, the donors, the people who want to help.

How can you help?

UNICEF and all the children, the lives, depend on everyone who can make contributions. Interested in helping? Here are UNICEF's contact details...

Some facts....

After doing this project I learned that I myself have a lot of admiration for charities like this one. I learned how compassionate people can be towards complete strangers when they need help.

I find it very interesting that one disease can affect a part of the world so much more than that same disease but in a different area. It's truly beautiful the measures that people take to insure that all children can have the corresponding vaccines to keep them safe.

I'm still left wondering how the whole organisation kicked off and became so popular. I know that it began in New York but it's really heartwarming that it has been able to spread so vastly. I'd like to read the tale of how this came to be.

I researched information to complete this project and understood their work and aims. I hope that someday I will be able to help out.

I feel very happy that this organisation exists and I hope to assist them one day

I was very surprised by the amount of celebrities that got involved

It was sometimes difficult to understand and transfer information

I learned that I am very passionate about this topic and want to help one day.

After this experience I am sure that someday I will donate or even volunteer. I am grateful to have been a part of this project.

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