Butterfly Exhibit By:stephen KINARD

As I walked into the butterfly exhibit, I felt as if I was transported into an actual rainforest. The atmosphere create a great environment for the butterflies but also the visitors. It allows the viewers to feel as if they are in the natural habitat of the butterflies. I loved the experience of visiting the exhibit.
Once walking into the exhibit you are introduced to a humid rainforest garden. The exuberant colors of the flowers and the small pond gave the atmosphere a vibrant feel. I love the setup of the exhibit as it is inviting to viewers. I noticed how accessible I was to take pictures of the butterflies.
The exhibit allows butterfly releases often each week and it allows the butterflies to be free. These butterflies are replaced with new butterflies. I do not appreciate the idea of keeping animals such as butterflies in captivity for too long when they reach their full stage of life. I believe it is an unethical act to keep these butterflies out of their true natural habitat.
I did have a feeling of being away from my original world and exploring a new one as I entered the exhibit. The atmosphere of the environment was very different to what I was used to. I believe that Heschel's claim is true because it felt good to go outside of my comfort zone of my usual world.

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