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When introducing art into STEM we are encouraging students to express their critical thinking artistically. STEAM connects the aspects of creativity and fun while also including core subjects such as science and math. The concept of STEAM provides students to showcase their ideas and innovations in a way that they can express their own perspectives. Incorporating art into everyday teaching materials motivates students to not only learn but to get students to WANT to learn. As Christopher Emdin says, "If you want to captivate a students' attention, you have to include art, music, imagination, movement..."

Mr. Geisen's techniques on incorporating STEAM into his classroom is inspiring because he found an innovative way to get his students interested in learning more about science. I think that as an educator this is really important, to be able to find a way to include "magic" into what the students are learning to get them involved.

"While science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) careers are increasing, the amount of minorities and women graduating with this degree is alarmingly low" - Hudson Valley Business Journal

"Girl's Fast Track Races" is a campaign endorsed by Ford to welcome girl scouts to learn the concepts of engineering and design while also including hands-on creating and racing of their own car!

Debbie Sterling is an engineer and founder of GoldieBlox, making it her mission to engage kids especially young girls to have a future in STEM.

Music is an art form used to express oneself

During the first week of STEAM class we learned about rap and it's involvement with science by looking at the example of B.O.B. The lyrics triggers the listeners to think about what is being said and the reasons behind the words. We also looked at the art of freestyling. Freestyling is when you are speaking based on your prior knowledge about concepts. It is similar to public speaking in a way that you say what you know.

Flocabulary is a website that produces educational hip hop music in a wide range of subjects from science to history to life skills. Flocabulary is made to engage students of different ages. As a future educator this website is extremely useful in providing kids a learning experience that is both educational as well as compelling.

12 Jewels of islam

Knowledge : Wisdom : understanding : freedom : justice: equality : food : clothing : shelter: love : peace : happiness

I believe that providing kids with the 12 Jewels of Islam can help them thrive and succeed.

The 7 C's of Effective Teaching:

Challenging: pressing for effort and rigor

Controlling: promoting cooperation and peer support

Consolidating: connecting and integrating ideas to support learning

Clarifying: Ideas and lessons making success seem feasible

Conferring: eliciting students' feedback and respecting their ideas

Captivating: making learning interesting and relevant

Caring: nurturing productive relationships

Each one of the seven C's is an important addition into the classroom. From past research I found that challenging the students helps them with critical thinking and improving their abilities. The kind of controlling I would like to incorporate into my classroom is the kind that encourages students to give their all and cooperation into every class. I support students to consolidate by sharing their ideas to one another because each individual has their own point of view. Clarification is important in order to get 100% participation from everyone which is why I plan on urging my students to ask questions when they are confused or not understanding. I think that conferring is important in a classroom because it shows students that what they have to say is important. It is extremely important to captivate students when learning because this makes them intrigued to learn more and actually pay attention to what they are learning. Caring about students is the number one importance of being a teacher; by showing kids that you care it assists with their future relationships. The whole reason for teaching is to pass knowledge upon kids and ensure their bright and successful future.

Critical questions: After gaining an idea of what STEAM is, how do you think you can incorporate the use of STEAM into your everyday life? thinking about what STEAM represents how do you see it integrated into your life? How can you improve your teachings with the concept of steam?



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