adVENTURE CAPITAL ride 2020 a motorcycle ride to raise start up funds for new country Young Life ministry*


In the spring of 2019, friends Tom Balch and Trace Wedel joined Dan Barnett on a ride down the PCH in California. Over lunch they discussed Young Life's vision for reaching more kids in Africa and the Middle East with the hope and freedom that Jesus offers. They dreamed of connecting their shared passion for mission, adventure travel and motorcycling.

Out of this conversation, the Ride incubated. Riding around the Mediterranean Sea, visiting local believers and ministry partners, praying, sharing life stories and capturing those stories on film is just a part of this vision. In countries that ministry has yet to be established, meeting believers, learning of their faith journey and dreams of their countries will be an integral part of this adventure.

These riders have pledged to not only make meaningful connections with local people of faith, but to bring their stories to the global Christian community. Raising ministry partners and financial resources is what this dream is about.

The Vision

To have a small group of riders committed to raising $500,000 to $1M for NEW ministries in NEW countries in North Africa and the Middle East. We intend to take three months to circumvent the Mediterranean Sea in the fall of 2020. If space allows, 3 shorter legs of this trek may be open for others to join: a western European, an eastern Europe/Middle East, and a North Africa trek, each approximately 30 days.

The Goal

Our team of riders collectively wants to raise between $500,000 and $1 million for new country start up ministry in North Africa and the Middle East.

Want to Ride?

Join us if you want to be part of some big Kingdom work. Experience a ride that will simply be amazing; the ride of a lifetime. Meet great people and deepen friendships. Promote and celebrate Young Life ministries. Help expand the work of Young Life in new countries.

Expectations for Riders:

  • Each rider raise $100,000 for North Africa/Middle East ministry start-ups
  • Secure a team around you to provide fundraising support and prayer.
  • Pay for the cost of your Ride, including health, travel and life insurance. Accommodations will be varied, including some hotels and sleeping on the ground, current estimate $10,000, not including motorcycle transport fees.
  • Commit to the team and support, plan, equip, encourage, share and promote the trip.
  • Sign the event's Acknowledgement of Inherent Risk, Waiver and Release and Indemnification Agreements.

For more information:

Questions or to become a Rider: Contact Dan Barnett at dreedbarnett@gmail.com or (509) 701-8326 or Tom Balch at balcht@gmail.com or (408) 591-1925

To make a donation or pledge to support the Ride:

*The Adventure Capital Ride 2020 is not a Young Life sponsored event and Young Life is not directly or indirectly involved with the Event and has not participated in organizing, sponsoring, leading, supporting, promoting, or coordinating the Event.