Experiencing a Book Reading in pictures

For some, reading is a chore. For others an escape. The words on the page can come alive. They connect to characters, quotes, and situation in these books.

Bookmarking, dog earing, highlighting, saving.

For some, cracking that book spine for the first time is one of the little things that just make life that much better.

art through books.

Whether you are writing, reading or collaborating through books, there is always a way to learn new things. I see books as a gateway to knowledge. I have learned academics, social behaviors, world knowledge, etc, through my books. There is endless knowledge to learn through reading other people's perspectives and stories.

Finding a good book is like seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. You're not quite sure what it is about but you can't wait to get there and experience it.

They joy I get from finding a book I am interested in is immeasurable. If I have the chance to sit down and read a book, I won't stop until I am finished! Being an avid reader is like being on constant adventures. You become invested in the characters and their lives. You feel what they feel, imagine where they are, you get to decide what they look like based on the characteristics you're given. It's amazing how much imagination can go into reading a book. For me it is like watching a really detailed movie where you are inside the character's head. I love the feeling of becoming so immersed in another world. It is a sort of escape you cannot get from anything else.

Open your mind while opening a book.

Reading also allows you a view into another time period. Being able to read books written in other times as well as set in those times allows me to gain the knowledge of how life was like back then. It helps me to appreciate how my life is now as well as gives me perspective on how I want to be treated, the experiences I want to have and the kind of person I want to be. One of my favorite authors is Jane Austen, specifically her book Pride and Prejudice, is one of my top favorite books. I got to see how life was for Elizabeth Bennet and what life was like for her as she stood her ground on her views and wishes for her future. This video is a clip from the movie Pride and Prejudice, it is an example of the different time period you experience through reading the novel, luckily enough we have a movie to pair with the book to add to the experience.

Not only is reading an experience but a lesson as well. Being able to take away knowledge and a more well rounded thought process from an enjoyable experience is a rare thing. The value of books is immeasurable in my world. As someone who is becoming a teacher, I want to share the joys of experiencing a book with everyone! I think it is so important to enjoy reading whether it is online through social media platforms, textbooks, novels, fiction and nonfiction books, picture books or other sources. Being able to understand a message that is trying to be conveyed by another is a crucial skill in education as well as general life. Not everyone can read, or read at a high enough level to gain the benefits so many get from experiencing a literature.

Incase this made you want to read a book, here is a link to my favorite book shop in the area. Third place is new and used books, lots of comfy chairs and a delicious cafe all in one spot! I highly recommend starting your book journey there!

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