Jack lawson Sibren tigers

Tigers,which are Rare, are usually white.

Diet: sibren tigers are carnivals. Their diet consists small prey and large prey.Deer and wild boar. They eat dears, rabbits, berrys and little birds. Because it is good for them it makes the get up and running. Is helping them live. They hunt every 3 times a day so they don't die. They mostly eat meat.

Tigers eat deers

Habitats: Tigers hunt at night, usually alone in the forest. Sibren tigers live in Very shivering freezing areas. They hunt at night because most animals are asleep so they can sneak up on the animals and kill them for the cubs. If animals come and tri to kill them they can hide in their den and base

Tigers playing

Reproduction: A well know fact about a tiger if that females protect their cubs until 2-3 years old. These animals can kill the cubs crocodile, lion and people. Some times the female goes hunting and the strong dad looks after them or they just leave them and let them hid from the animals or people

2 year old cub


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