Harn Museum By: Tyler Dean

El Encuentro
Description of the painting

While at the Harn Museum, one painting that particularly caught my eye was El Encuentro. I had seen it from a distance and it seemed really cool. I really liked the dark earth colors and Picasso like people. However when I approached it, i realized it had a chalky texture like someone had painted it with coal or something. I found this very cool that someone can make art with so many different mediums. It really made me realize how resourceful humans can be and how everything in life can be used for something.

Asian Water Garden

One exhibit that I really enjoyed at the museum was the Asian Water Garden. It was such a pretty exhibit, and I loved the waterfall that flowed into the pond. One thing that I found particularly cool was that the designers designed the exhibit to be felt and experienced. We weren't supposed to stare at the Asian Water Garden behind a glass window, but to walk through and experience the exhibit. This exhibit really made me feel connected to nature and especially this particular exhibit.

Excavation by Boardman Robinson
Description of Excavation

One work that really caught my attention and lined with my beliefs was Excavation by Boardman Robinson. I can really tell in this painting the hard work and dedication that these men are putting into constructing that building. One thing that I strongly believe in and work on to get better at every day is the ability to work hard. I believe a strong work ethic is key in life, and I really could sense the hard work in the painting. This painting really reminded me that without hard work our country wouldn't be as great as it is, and that I need to push every day to work my hardest.

Seated Bodhisattva
Description of Seated Bodhisattva

One painting that I felt aligned with a good life was Seated Bodhisattva by an unknown artist in the Joseon Dynasty. In the sculpture there is a seated bodhisattva who has refrained from reaching enlightenment in order to help others get there. This immediately reminded me of Siddhartha who had achieved enlightenment, but also wanted to help Govinda achieve enlightenment as well. I could almost see the happiness on this bodhisattva's face, and it inspires me to that happy and easygoing in my daily life. I believe that this sculpture aligns with seeking the good life. It helped me come to a realization that we need to have joy when seeking the good life. This bodhisattva is smiling in the sculpture, and I don't think that it's an accident. I want to be joyful in my quest for the good life.

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