Agriculture By: sara heinkel

The first Agriculture Revolution started in 10,000 BC to 2000 BC the transformation of human societies hunting and gathering for farming. It changed the way humans live by transforming hunting and gathering by farming. Wheat was the first crop grown by humans and is domesticated of food crops its a south east asia root crop and is a cereal crop.
The second Agriculture revolution occurred around the same time as the first industrial revolution did. It was based on a grader use of technology. There was an increase in production. There farming changed by them learning new things and how to plant better.
The third Agriculture revolution started in the late nineteenth century. mechanization started to replace animals and human labor with machines. we now have machines that can plant seeds, water and fertilize plants, etc.
A genetically modified organism is when a gene from one organism is purposely moved to improve or change another organism in a laboratory. It changed farming by being more resistant to weeds and being easier to manage. A PROS is that it is resistant to pests and diseases, and sometimes higher in nutrition value. Some CONS are that you are mixing genes from different organisms, also some are marketed without even labeling them.


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