A Work In Progress By Nicole chung


Stephanie Sanchez hunts for a part-time job in the wake of a sudden job boom in San Jose, California.

"When Worlds Collide"

Marline Estell discusses the unique position she finds herself in as a self-proclaimed millennial and a teacher who cares about the politics behind educational policies.

"Invisible Woman"

"Invisible Woman"

The greying of the homeless population is growing. All are getting older, have physical illnesses that limit their mobility and require resources as simple as a bed to rest their aging bodies each night.

Annette discusses her life leading up to her current homeless state, talking about the job she once had as an at-home caretaker and her life now as an individual limited in physical movement dependent on the resources provided by a HomeFirst homeless shelter. She also briefly talks about her relationship with her adult son, his girlfriend and other inhabitants of the shelter, saying, "Most people are really, really nice or most people are really, really mean."

HomeFirst is a social work organization that provides shelters for the homeless population in San Jose, California. Located on Little Orchard St., the shelter attracts a great number of homeless who wait outside its doors in hopes of being able to get a bed for the night. It also provides medical care for its homeless guests, which people like Annette are able to take advantage of.

Due to her old age, Annette has problems with physical ailments, most notably with her kneecaps. As shown in the video, she is heavily reliant on her walker and the wheelchair that she says a friend of hers was kind enough to lend to her.

Her reliance on her walker and the borrowed wheelchair is symbolic of the relationship that she has with her son. While she and her son and his girlfriend have a strained relationship, she has no choice but to rely on what little he is able to provide for her.

To her son, she often says, "I hope that you can take care of me as well as I've taken care of you."


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