Ethical Decision Making Created by Hannah J, Jemima & Georgia L

Scenario overview:

James and Lilly are 16 and are close friends. Lilly has developed romantic feelings toward James and wanted to pursue a relationship with him. James however had not thought of Lilly that way originally, but had found he cared deeply for her and wished to share his first sexual experience with her.

Decision to make:

James has to decide whether to stop and listen to Lilly's original hesitancy or potentially pressure her into something she may not be emotionally ready for.


#1 James and Lilly have known eachother for a while and are friends

#2 Lilly views James in a romatic light (she wants to pursue a relationship with James)

#3 James and Lilly are both 16 (they are legal age to consent)

Is there anything else you need to know?

#1 Lilly's friends have peruaded Lilly (using peer pressure) to flirt with James so he will ask her out.

#2 James thought Lilly had wanted sexual intercourse because of the flirting.


☆ Lilly.

☆ James.

☆ Both Lilly's and James' friends and immediate family.


Potential options include but not limited:

- James and Lilly just stay friends

- James and Lilly talk out the situation

- James pushes on pressuring/ persuading Lilly into something she isn't ready for

- James and Lilly want to wait


- James and Lilly's friendship may be broken

- Emotional Damage may occur to both parties

- If sexual activity occurs, possible chance of pregnancy or STDs

Final Judgement + Justification:

Lilly and James should stay good friends and possibly even be boyfriend and girlfriend but should not go further than that until both are ready and happy to do so.

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