Immigration BY: Melany Jaramillo

My topic is immigration, I am related because my step dad’s friend called and said that immigration came and took one of the workers and they took hem. The family of the immigrant wants to take hem out there. The immigration was at the Lamar and where my mom lives. Yesterday in 2~21~17 they took my uncle, they took hem when he was driving.

It affects my family and all of us in the united states because they are taking family"s away and parents away from their children. It affects my mom because the immigration is were she lives at. This issue is affecting people 50 years ago because when Martin Luther King Jr. died raises stopped and today 2017 Donald trump wants it to happen again by deporting people with no papers witch are Mexicans. Hispanic people think it is wrong the same as 50 years ago that black people disagree with it and wanted to stop racism. Today it is the same as 50 years ago but this time immigration

Mexicans fight for their freedom

When days pass, Donald trump will not be president anymore, 26 or 29 days more Trump will not be president. Mexicans that want a better life for them and their children and all the people that have been deported and disagree with immigration will destroy the big wall and meat with their family again,

5. Eight years ago, President Barack Obama entered the White House on a promise to reform America’s immigration system. His urgency ultimately dissipated and reforming America’s immigration system will not be counted among his achievements. Other issues took priority, partisan divides emerged, and an intransigent Congress refused to move legislation across the finish line. Thus, President Obama will leave office today with a mixed legacy on immigration. While he failed to get a comprehensive immigration reform law passed, he took important steps toward protecting dreamers and focusing enforcement priorities. However, deportations rose to record highs, and some of the most vulnerable immigrant populations continue to suffer.Barack Obama once said"We Were Strangers Once, Too"

Martin Luther King also cared about immigrants "I choose to give my life for those who have been left out ... This is the way I’m going. If it means suffering a little bit, I’m going that way.... If it means dying for them, I’m going that way" he said

With out Mexicans,Immigrants, Americans will not have better clothes and food, Mexicans are important because with out them, us, the Americans wont have a better life. Us the Mexicans make the food, who would make the good tasty food when they leave.? Who would make the tamales, tortillas and make life easy.?

Immigrants made this country better for everyone

what i would do to help the Immigrants is protest, Austin is a country and Mexicans deserve to live here. I would like to protest with all the people that don't want Immigrants deported, People that want Immigrants, Mexicans , people that can't live without Immigrants. I would support Immigrants and also support racism.


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