Final Reflection Letter By: Savannah Folwell

Finals Week. Time to reflect. Above is a link to an article discussing a reflection on the author's first online class.
Dear Dr. Sullivan,
Difficulties Throughout the Year

After conducting academic research throughout the semester, I found that the only difficulties I was faced with were technological errors. However, I always had a slight hesitancy when starting a topic due to all the ideas and different pathways I could lead my assignment, but in the end, I always gained a new understanding of various writing techniques and topics. The Adobe Slate software was only difficult in the fact that it wouldn’t allow me to sign up with the usual social media accounts and of course caused me to lose versions of work after not being able to access the said account. The main one being essay two. I didn’t want to chance the same occurrence, so I made a copy of this letter.

Improvement and Chosen Technique

There are some techniques that I still need to continue working on. I need to work on not getting too overly passionate when advocating for different situations. Passion is useful, but it’s facts that give you more ground. I guess I need to learn how to balance my pathos, ethos, and logos. However, I really enjoyed all of the peer review assignments, but it seemed no one ever critiqued my posts, but once or twice. I enjoy helping other people though. I chose to complete my peer reviews first before completing the assignment myself. Doing this helped me understand the assignments more fully, and my suggestions were also reminders of aspects I needed to work on or keep in mind. This allowed me to brain storm in a more productive way as well as write my papers faster while being of better quality than my previous posts.

Strengths and Impressions

I believe my strengths as a writer emerged once I was pushed to perform something new to me. I’ve always prided myself in being able to adapt to new situations, and that is exactly what this class provided. This class gave me a different perspective on every piece of my work. My overall impression of this class was that I learned a lot of skills that I can apply throughout both my day to day life and my professional one as well. Some students may only see the benefits of being able to write a better paper, but I see that what is written down can also be said out loud with just as much power. The skill I most appreciate due to this class would be advocacy. Advocacy is a skill that seems to solve a lot of problems before they become one and keep the peace.

Gains and Future Applications

By repeated practice with different assignments, I’ve been able to develop many skills as a writer. This includes the creation and supporting body of all research topics. Everything I’ve gotten to research and study, has truly fed my appetite for knowledge. I will carry these techniques with me as I continue my journey through college as well as through my professional career. I recently switched my major to Army Nursing, and I plan on utilizing these skills as an Officer in the Army.

Thank you for a wonderful experience,

Savannah Folwell


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