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I expect to be able to learn new things, be smarter and be able to use all the knowledge that I have to do my daily activity. I am an animal lover, and trying to be a vegetarian. I'm also a strong liberal that believe that people should do whatever things they want to as long as it does not harm anyone else. I believe the world that we live today is messed up and I wish to be able to make people aware of the current problem that most of us are not aware of, for example sexism, racism, coercion from a person to other person, etc

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The main purpose of this story is to tell everyone that you can be pretty and happy anytime, and you shouldn't care about what people say.

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Biore perfect cleansing water - the daily struggles of removing your make up

People who wear make up knows the struggle of removing it. The video promotes the product that helps the process of removing make up easier

Stop Motion Animation


It's a stop motion animation about promoting eating healthy food, that will affect on how you look. By using fruits, we make it seems like when you eat healthy, you'll look good and healthy too.

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Anti Drug Abuse

The Ineffective Way on Solving Drug Traffickers in the Philippines.

The life of every individual in this world is very important. When the government of the country itself chooses to sentence the drug users in a very violent way, that is when that action should be stopped.

It is true that often times drug creates addiction, and people consume drugs because of it. But I believe that the action of shooting that particular drug addict is a right and correct thing to do. War on drugs in Philippine is a policy that works against illegal drugs, that was started by the Philippine government under President Rodrigo Duterte. Resulting in a 9-year-old child being killed by Philippines government because of being suspected as a drug runner in June 30th, 2016.

I agree that with this policy that it will reduce the chance of drug traffickers using children to send the drugs to their customers. After the policy is implemented by Duterte, the number of children that helps drug traffickers reduces by 10%, because their parents are now more protective towards their children. But even if this policy makes parents be more protective, it’s still bad. Because they’re not allowed to play outside with their friends because of the fear of being suspected as drug runners. This reduces the capability for them to express themselves in the outside world, which limits their ability to grow. Children should be allowed to express themselves for growth because they will be the next generation of the earth.

The backlash and negative impacts of this policy are even higher than the benefit that Duterte believes he will achieve. Children that run the drugs had no idea what they’re sending to people, meaning that they don’t consume it, they don’t sell it. They’re just the third party that is paid for doing such action, that results in them getting killed for being suspected. I think this is the most inhuman action that has been done, Philippine Government had killed over 7000 people who are suspected of consuming drugs. The problem with this action is that they’re suspected, and shoot at the place directly just because of the appearance of that particular individual, just because their face looked like a drug addict even though those are just tired faces. On 2003, Thailand also had the war on drugs, and have killed thousands of people who are suspected, and then recently in 2016, the statistics shown that half of those victims had never touched drugs at all.

The point is, Thailand had conceded to the fact that war on drugs is a mistake. While even though president Duterte knows the fact, he still wants to continue thewar on drugs until his presidency ends, on 2020 because he wants to stop youthful criminal offenders. Meaning that there will be continuous innocent people killed just because of being suspected.

What is the better solution? I believe that these people shouldn’t be shot on the spot because there is no evident if they’re really the drug consumers. This is the reason why people are too scared to go out, and also the reason why children are not allowed to go out from their house, which reduces the productivity of every individual. A further research and investigation should be done in order to be more accurate in tracking a drug consumer.

In the case where it is true that indeed the person that the government suspected is a drug consumer, I think it is still illegitimate to kill them directly. I think the better solution is to research on why that person consumes drugs, to begin with. Because some people use drugs like marijuana for medical purpose, because there are no other alternatives for their medication. And even if it is true that they use it for fun, addiction or whatsoever, a death sentence is not a solution. Because every single one individual that you kill is one person that can help out the country. I think the better solution is to provide rehabilitation towards these addicts so that they can change their lives and be a better individual.

We need to recognize that it is pitiful for the victims themselves especially if they’re just a suspect, killed directly with no proof. The policy should be changed, such as giving them second chance, rehabilitate them, and make them work for the society. At the very least you use resources that you can use instead of killing them, and I believe that’s a better solution.


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Crisp is an app that makes travelling becomes easier, by giving recommendation on where to go, how to go there, and how much budget you have for your travel. Make it convenient for people to know the information in that area.

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