From Foes on Field to Friends Eating Food By John Ryan Burg

Rugby is a one of the many sports that are very intense and physical, but it is also one of many sports that has the best sportsmanship. The Staples Rugby Club was created in 2002 by Scott Fitzgerald and James Allison. Rugby was never as popular in Staples as football and lacrosse is, but it has always had the most class. With all of the other sports in high school the most sportsmanship is when they shake each others hands after the game saying "good game", but after each high school rugby match both teams come together by getting diner and finding a place to sit on the bleachers, it is a time to eat, talk, and get to know one another with the opponent. Coach Lyme (Coach of Staples Rugby and The Fairfield Yankees) always says "No matter what happens in the game, if you lose by 100 or you beat them by 100, after the game you will always eat together as one."

The Staples Rugby Team has recently played against an intense game against Ridgfield. The game was getting very physical from the beginning, people were already getting injurers from both sides. As a result of a tackle by a Staples player where the Ridgfield player landed in a awkward position. He was on the ground not moving for a while and both teams were concerned for him. The ref decided to call of the game because of all of the injuries that occurred that game.

Staples playing Fairfield Ludlowe. Ryan Burg getting tackled with the ball.

When the game was over it was a little awkward for both teams because everybody had the player on their minds if he was ok. After 10 minuted both teams got notified that he was ok. Everybody quietly was walking to get their meal and sit on the bleachers. After a couple of minutes of silence people started to have conversations from one another. Instead of Ridgfield being angry with us, they decided to break the ice between us and started conversations with us.

Having that meal all together as one unit helps strengthen bonds between one another, no matter what happens in the game. Staples Rugby Captain Michael Jennings said "I love the meals after the games, Im actually friends with a lot of those guys because we eat and talk together."

After the games, the meals are never awkward, what ever happens on the field stays on the field, that is the point of having these meals to teach young students sportsmanship towards one another. It is a good life lesson to learn and it should be in every sport to show sportsmanship, love, and pride toward the sport. That is why The Staples Rugby Club is so proud about having the meals together to show the love for the sport and the others that play it.

Eating the meals and talking with the other team is not the only part of sportsmanship after the game. Before we shake hands with the opponent their is a chant that each team does. It goes "Three cheers for the ref" than we cheer three times, than "Three cheers for the other team" we cheer three times again, than their is "Three cheers for Staples!" we also cheer three times, but we do it louder because of the pride for our team and how we preformed. After we do the chant as well as the other team, we come together to shake hands. Captain Bryan Penwell said "After every match I look at each opponent in the eyes and shake their hands and say "good game.'" Their is also a lot of sportsmanship on the field. When their is a dirty hit, or if someone is making gestures of being injured, people want to make sure that they are ok, and not severely injured. I had an experience when I got stepped on my wrist when I got tackled, I was in pain and instead of the opponent not caring and keep on playing the game he stopped and made sure that I was ok, and than we both played on.

Staples and Fairfield Prep Shaking Hands After the Game

Not only is Rugby unique with sportsmanship with having a meal after the game, it is also unique with the people who play it and have sportsmanship on and off the field together.

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