The party of Pentalties Ronald

Party statement:The party of penalties was created on the policies of Death Penalty,National Debt and Gun Control and by giving the people of the america facts.Support our party because we will tend to help the american people

The first policy that we will deal with is the death penalty, We believe that the death penalty should be allowed. The reason is that we should give it to people that have done the worst of the crimes and should be put down instead of being put in prison and it cost less to put someone on the death penalty then put them in prison

The second policy that we will cover is animal testing. According to the study of the Humane Society International the way of the animals being treated: being force fed,not safe condtions. But due to animal testing we wont be able to find cures or items to help the human race, saying that animal testing is bad but it can help the human kind so in order to do that we need to have better good safes ways to do testing

The third policy is Gun Control, we believe that there be more background checks and that NRA should watch people that have bought guns recently, and also guns should be used for self defense and hunting not for shooting people or waving it around

The fourth policy is The National Debt, We believe that the national debt should be worked as the the health care and retirement are growing at a faster pace and it will crowd out programs that help ensure our future, like education, but this problem be solvable if we choose a better path


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