Lexi's Art Crate Alexandra cooley

Ever since i was really little i LOVED drawing, it has always been my passion, and i have been doing it non-stop.

a sketch i did in class of a T-rex

Ever since i was really little i LOVED drawing, it has always been my passion, and i have been doing it non-stop.

My Logo

My name is Lexi Cooley and i like to think i’m open minded, very friendly, easy to talk to, and that i spend too much time in my room.

i think it was supposed to be me even though it looks nothing like me (this was when i first got my drawing tablet)

I really enjoy reading sci-fi and fantasy, math and language arts, and not long ago i had the chance to sell my art at spot-light night here at crews. My only skills are drawing, playing the piano and ukulele, watching old movies and TV shows, and playing video games.

A drawing based of an old movie called The Labyrinth

Art i one of the great ways to express what you love and i love many things, that’s why i know geeks, art nuts, gamers, and many other varieties of people will love to buy my art.

a sketch of a storm trooper

The art i make is original and never seen before, the prices i’m selling my pieces of art is very low that more people are able to purchase it, and I even print it on Card stock paper which is thicker then regular and has a nice texture to it so the art lasts longer, is less flimsy, and looks great hung up on a wall.

My company's mission is to liven up someone’s life with beautiful pieces of art that they would enjoy for a long time.

meloetta pokemon drawing

Not only will my company provide excellent products we also take suggestions so if you ever want anything that is not already provided then you tell us and we’ll make it.

YouTuber Jacksepticeye drawing suggested by my little sister

My art comes in many different forms and different prices. You can purchase a bookmark which is $2, small prints are $3, and large prints are $5. You can also donate so i can purchase more supplies to keep making art.

I can’t always have the same amount to donate to a charity but i will give ¼ of my money that i earned that month to the WaterAid charity so the people in poor countries have clean water.

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