WIGWAG VISIT: When we went to WIGWAG to present our ideas to the staff to see what they thought. They told me that i needed to re-define how I will get to my end result better. What I will do is a series of little social media teases for the community leading up to the big event which may include animation

1: How do you successfully run a social network campaign – knowledge based

Social Media marketing is the process where a business owner, uses the power of sites of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to promote a brand or products. The beauty of social media is the it's meant to be a form of communication that connects, theoretically, the brand to the person.

I have looked into different methods of creating interesting content to bring the customers in and encourage them to interact with it to. The more often you share interesting or informative content for the customers, the more often you will catch their attention.

2: technical side – an animation I will have to look into how I would overcome this

This is the motion graphics video that I made last year, which used basic moving shapes and typography to work along side audio. I found this quite a challenge as it was something I hadn't done before. By completing this project will have a better understanding of creating a better narrative and a greater knowledge of motion graphics animations.

These are a few examples of video video that I would take inspiration from, I can do this by downloading the video and analysing each frame to learn how the creators made each bit.

3: Working on a professional level in terms of that personal development to turn into reality

When I start working on my work, this is when it will begin as I will be working with a professional company for the first time.

Working effectively in a team environment is crucial for many small businesses. It requires skills in effective communication, collaboration, time management and business acumen.

Working with a diverse group of people, sometimes in different locations, presents many challenges. Learning to work together effectively in a team environment enables everyone involved to achieve their personal and professional goals.

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