MIG_N2Treat Multimodal neuroimaging biomarkers throughout the migraine cycle: towards neurofeedback training for personalized anti-migraine treatment

Migraine is one of the most prevalent and disabling diseases worldwide, representing an excessive societal and economical burden.

Unfortunately, existing drug therapies have an efficacy of 50% at the most. We aim to identify multimodal neuroimaging biomarkers of migraine, and to use these to develop a novel personalized therapeutic approach based on neurofeedback training.

We will study a group of patients with episodic migraine without aura using MRI concurrently with EEG, for the first time, and we will identify the multimodal neuroimaging biomarkers that best discriminate patients from healthy controls, as well as the multiple phases of the migraine cycle, from headache free to attacks periods. Sebsequentely we will develop a functional MRI-inspired EEG-based neurofeedback protocol aimed at normalizing the patients’ aberrant neuroimaging profile, and we will investigate its potential to minimize the occurrence of migraine attacks, hence contributing to the management of the disease.

• Patrícia Figueiredo, DPhil (PI) • Rita G. Nunes, DPhil (Co-PI) • Agostinho C. Rosa, PhD • Ana Fouto, MSc • Inês Esteves, MSc •
• Raquel Gil-Gouveia, MD PhD • Pedro Vilela, MD • Nuno André Silva, MSc •
• Isabel Pavão-Martins, MD PhD • Amparo Ruiz-Tagle, MSc •
External consultant: • Arne May, MD PhD

Funded by Programa Operacional POR Lisboa 2020 with reference LISBOA-01-0145-FEDER-029675