ACAI at the GCP21 in Cotonou Benin The African Cassava Agronomy Initiative participation and showcase of the research and development of Decision Support Tools at the congress

The African cassava agronomy initiative staff and partners participated in the just concluded Global cassava partnership congress in Cotonou Benin. The team hosted a workshop, a poster session and made a series of presentations giving a glimpse into the research work the project is carrying out and showcasing the initial versions of the decision support tools that have been developed.

ACAI project coordinator for Nigeria Dr Christine Kreye and PhD candidate Ms Bolaji Thanni follow proceeding at the GCP21 opening session.

IITA's Senior Agronomist Dr Stefan Hauser was among the first speakers at the conference; he delivered an incisive presentation on Smart Agronomy data management and decision support with a detailed account of the work and process around some of the most innovative ideas around collating, curating and archiving data used in ACAI.

Dr Stefan Hauser spoke about the ACAI project's innovative data management used in developing decision support tools based on the needs of the stakeholders.

On Wednesday June 13 2018, ACAI hosted three breakout sessions on Agronomy and Field production. The sessions included presentations about crop modelling, soil analysis, organizing and setting up field trials, and a general overview of the ACAI project implementation. The presentations attracted interest from key stakeholders and individuals seeking access to the tools for use once the final versions have been released.

ACAI PhD candidate Onasanya Omolara gave a presentation on the effects of tillage intensities on soil aggregate size distribution and cassava root yield in South Western Nigeria.
The ACAI Session was very well attended
Senior Programs Officer at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Lawrence Kent giving feedback to ACAI presentations at the session.
IITA's Communication and Knowledge exchange expert for cassava projects Godwin Atser was in the Audience.

ACAI hosted a workshop was on Thursday evening to showcase the DST’s with mock demonstration of their functionalities and how they can be applied in the field. In attendance among others was the outgoing GCP director Dr Claude Faucket, his successor Prof Malachay Akoroda and the head of Cassava Research at the Rwanda Agricultural Board Dr Athanase Nduwumuremyi. Dr Athanase was enthusiastic after sampling the tools and expressed interest to have the tools piloted in Rwanda for the country's cassava systems with a possible expansion to other crops.

NRCRI Director and ACAI Coordinator for South East Nigeria Dr Yemi Olojede explaining the intricacies of the Fertilizer Recommendation tool to the incoming GCP21 director Prof Malachy Akoroda and Dr Charles Asadu of IITA
Dr Athanase Nduwumuremyi from the Rwanda Agricultural Board (RAB) helped himself to the paper based Intercropping tool at the ACAI workshop.
ACAI project coordinator Dr Pieter Pypers showcasing the use of the Scheduled Planting recommendation decision support tool at the ACAI hosted workshop on Agronomy at Scale for cassava Intensification.
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